At the moment, Finn Murphy works mainly as a founding member of the group Three Planes Collective.



Finn Murphy works as a freelance dancer, performer, teacher, and choreographer. He recently founded the project Three Planes Collective with Emma Villavechia and Kaya Lovestrand as a way of working with emerging and mid-career choreographers in the field of post-modern, contemporary dance and performance. As an independent choreographer and performer, Finn concentrates on making work that draws poetry from abstract, mechanical ways of thinking about movement and composition: games, architectural relationships, movement textures, syntactical structures, etc. He enjoys using abstraction to investigate emotional resonances, cultural patterns, and hidden expectations.



January 26, 2019
 Renaissance Arts Academy
Los Angeles, CA

Presentation of DeConstrucción#3 alongside other LA artists. 

Trish Brown's Watermotor,
shot by Babette Mangolte 


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